Two Faces of Mine.

Two-Face-Optical-Illusion-a     “I am sorry, but there’s two faces of mine… and have no descendants, it is forged by time. The one you know the one i hide. Oh!! sorry to say i have two face of mine”. 

It’s a shivery night, seized me the cold. I opened my eyes, i woke fragile. My head is aching, my eyes are red. I am wounded and are swollen. there’s a stream of water flowing down through the pipe making all it’s way to the sewage beside. while it’s course it passes by me. and i being thirsty my lips rests over it. i drank a few drops i tried to see the water ran down through a cottage with the smoke from the chimney, a dim yellow bulb was light in front of me but the shadow keeps the distance deceived. I lifted self half, i tried to peep. It’s the reflection of  my face portrays the stream. “Oh!!! it is black” my face turned so. It shows some pores opened up and bleed. I can see the blood trickling out of  ’em. and i am amazed what happened in my way. got hold of a bin… I tried to stand. my legs are injured, my knee turned flat. Sooner – realized i need something to stand. Though i can’t i thought of crawling my way. An inch or so was all i could cover and it took my all to think of further. I remember i wore a new shirt of mine turned to see, find it stained by mine. It’s messed with the stains of blood was all i know. wishing it shall not be mine was all i can do, sooner or later i got the clue. i got few cuts through the chest of mine. seems i was slashed by some yet i managed to flew without getting chopped in no time. crawling down in hours so late i wished – i can’t sigh in the god’s grace because there was much more to see. It was the moon at sky so high- illuminated my way and made me cry. Wait a sec…. I got hold of something!….. what is it??? there’s something pierced deep down my back. I cant reach it… m struggling hard…. and oh i can see what it takes for all.



I am staked i yelled loud with my all. I am staked and ripped off. a flesh of mine hunged to my right. i fall again and remained same for times. i managed to turn around to see how much i moved. A blood trail was all my eye caught view. Lying there for un-noticed time and i loss my conscious. The moon and the sky remained the same. No sooner the cold breezes gained their pace. It turned cold and dark at times, as moon goes by clouds my wounds gets sigh.   


It’s a high light ray falling over my face, being so disturbed i flipped away. Covering my blanket over my face the clock rung on showing 7 of the day. i inched few got hold of clock snoozed it to 9 and slept away. throwing away the clock below, tucked my phone beneath the pillow. Oh crap! oh crap! it turned so late i gained the conscious and looked out the pane. The sun reached high over the horizon and i turned lazy and slept all over. ditched myself and I rushed before time got hold of my Slippers, I ran as fast i can reach  to the towel. Completing my course i get tossed away, jumped to the mirror placed behind the bed. Getting on with attire i looked in a way, smiled a bit and said to myself “So handsome i look” complemented with say.  took more time and groomed my self, i skipped my breakfast and ran away. Waved my hand with a sign of bye I ran to the bus stop inquired and said. Asked for the next bus as i was late, was nothing new it have been a routine of each day. reaching to the stop i stepped down quick, awaited for the auto rickshaw the compliment to a late day. Went down to the college and thought through the way “Traffic jam” turned to be the excuse of the day. walking fast i gained the pace greeted few morning for one greeted the same – yelling on myself i was few steps away. Reached the room Exhaled deep, when asked for the reason the excuse was all it. grabbed my seat and followed the time, took over my note book and noted the date and time as said. Through the series of boring lectures head in hours or so the clock slipped away, 12 past 50 was now the time.

images The time i knew for my phone to play, caught eyes on my phone and there’s text some 9. i knew who it was i knew the line, i looked over the text and it features the rhym

I got to know you haven’t reached on time, was it a traffic jam or auto rickshaw line. I know the truth and don’t you try, i took the notes and shall give you on time. join me for lunch and do have some time, you got few assignments you have to submit on time. I don’t know what shall happened to you without mine. who might have informed you god’s grace you have such a friend ” I replied with “ fine “.

Now you shall fall in crazy by time, shall be more curious to know what happened? how i turned fine?. The last night you remember i was unconscious for time and how is the same man now is on time?

Well i shall answer all doubts of yours just grab a pillow and lean a bit low, rest your head against the wall for the time and i shall answer Who am I ? and What are the two faces of mine ?


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