TWO FACES OF MINE …..the saga continues.

Two-Face-Optical-Illusion-a As I promised I am to ease you out there…. I know it took long to reply back dear. As I am tensed about what to say? where from to start? what shall I skip? and, what is to be played? While you feature a story, I shall call it a play…. I wish you know what I previously said, the unconscious I and fine by time and please don’t hurry allow me to say. I made myself sung in a poetic phrase, “two faces of mine” and how it portrays. But I know how restless you are, please allow me to breath deep before I say.

“Oh yes! There lie two faces of mine, the one you see and the one I hide.  Have no descendants it’s forged in time. Oh yes I have two faces of mine, the one you see, the one I hide”.

Stands true the words of mine… now hold your breath and allow me to reply. You asked about me, “Who am I” ?  this shall be the next in the queue so it is fine. Before this question let’s talk about the time, how come the face be split in time. To answer the same, I shall take you by, days back to the school among my crew – where hails me an introvert guy. feared a bit yet furious in times. Though being countless yet very few are mine those are my buddies and no any spoon, with the bottles across, I am at my school. Gained my age, i learnt a bit, I grew in age yet lives in a kid. My heart was so it was easily being played. Sweet some words and it slips the way. I have had a habit to witness the true, and slow yet quick a few left in the queue. Comes with the age the phases of time. As I was kid down, I never rely. Been chosen for good and mostly kept out, my mind turned me and I developed self-doubts. “Am I worse at it” as I always been out, segregated the most and been laughed aloud. Contemplated the same my parents made me realize, I have some good and it is divine. Says my dad “it’s not easy my son, sacrificing oneself is never the prize. It is a perception one made by self, seeing good in every one is not an easy way” kissed my mom over the fore head of mine, I asked the time to teach me the rhyme.


I learnt the skills I mastered my void, I worked over self I made it imply. Read about psychology, read about time and made myself clear that all is mine. No sooner it was the age on count and I grew old with beard in brown. Oh ! it’s not color it portrays my wealth. The all I learnt the all I played. Developed so I need to say…. “I am practical” is what I say. One passes by do says the same. Remains amazed my character plays. Moves the counter I made my way, I gained attitude all what they say. Gifted with a title of Attitude guy, I remained the same because I followed my way. No sign of nepotism no sign of patriarchy, I kept my words true followed hierarchy. No sooner the face went broader in pace, people try to see through to witness the same. With a charm and passion overhead, I always walked my courses offset. The dresses I wore the character I play, it played my all at initial college days. The time was so I witnessed that day. “I am myself”, was my self loving days. Forged my self from shy to fly, time gifted me the wings, my morals was sky.

And this is what my friend the first face signifies. A confident, a self-developed person so fine. people have genuine talks for time. I have no ego no signs to deny, I am the same is my ideology derived. Counters a person on a fine afternoon, I was with a “friend” is a classmate tune. Comes in a person looked at mine, the face I have what I say in times. Found me a person different for sure yet not was a kind similar at shore. The tags were checked my tongue was judged, the motions I make was real or not. Though I never know what the person find, announced me true and one of my kind.

With the grace of technologies in place, the person made some try, reached me out with some texts. And I remained un-aware what happened around, the needle might turn but the clock was round. I acknowledged the verdicts of my life in real because the person out there started making appeal. A formal talks and friendship trails…. The person along many turned friends for real. Shared our words shared our plays, how beautiful it is acknowledging the beauty of those days. Teasing out and rumors so played, pulling legs was scheduled every day. Sharing the foods and melting the clay… I might have forged during early days… we stand together we walk together still….. but as we all know the nights are also real…. With hours of day we dance together…  be it the drum or college table… clapped loud or music played, Bhojpuri and English turned nostalgic these days. Playing games at the benches for long, the note book opened has nothing written along. Screaming high and relentless say….. reaching out for tea breaks with friends, cigarettes in hand, one’s girlfriend turned as topic of the day. with critics and praise as words to troll, she doesn’t suits him remains the conclusion drawn.  and this is my friend- my face looks at day. Funny, serious and alluring was insignia reckoned.  


But oh!  my dearie there’s nothing to baffle, it’s just the start yet much more is real…. We know the fact there’s darker at night. Reveals the evil and pains abide. So, as I shall bring you to the darker side of mine…. How I was injured what accident was mine. Shall follow the moonlight to find the way…. It’s again the night and the wounds are portrayed. And will happen for sure the dark shall come, shall bring for sure the cold seize breeze for long. And again, i shall be left alone, petrified by thought and gazing for long. Because again I’ll witness the blood trails for sure, again I will find the black face yelling for long.opened pores and trickling blood. Hard to move and unconscious prone.



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