No Title.

No title”, suits well as the title to the story I present. We got to know this since our childhood that it is pen ultimate role – earth’s day. Day to day schedule of the earth to revolve around the sun and bring home the seasons and the days transient. Similar is a person’s life, its pen ultimate role of a person is to keep moving and along with that shall bring the joys and all aspiration home. But does it happen to all?

Let’s check.

A year ago, with an early sun shine, wakes up me with a silvery smile. A smile! not just it – well a message that I bring along with me. I shall be normal, I shall be real, I shall be mysterious, yet, I shall be practical. Had a glimpse of mine on the mirror ahead, grunt’s in loud and I moved for my day. Countered a lot of faces by side, welcome’s me back one of my allay. With happiness in eyes he pats my shoulder came closer to me and said this is you dear. I took that pride and settled for ride and this is how my friend I announced who am i. with ties and so lot inquired I got many friends we forged them divine. Together we eat, together we play. Jokes are nothing we quarrel each day.

Sooner or later we moved so far, now is the day where I stand so far. Narrating my day and keep it calm…. because I shall try but you shall not respond.

Time so far, I climbed to a peak…. Walking ahead I made no miss. At top I stopped I turned, I pipped. there were none except the foot steps of mine. A mass covered of snow with fogs along. Now you shall think I left them behind, that I was in hurry I looked just mine. But this is not so and neither what you find.

It was that flow which ceased by time. Long down there at the beginning of snow few left the course and said big no. few miles long a few walked on, there was less air and suffocation grown. Walking by me turned a big choice and said none to me they simply decide “going far ahead is not a part of my plan, why shall risk mine this is not my play” I think they might have said some thing similar else none would have left because the action was clear. Simply they left and silence was found…. And I was holding the rope thinking of all behind. It was a storm and difficult to see… I just made an expectation and walked out free.

25887465135_12bb12a9a0_k2And now standing at the peak I got to realize… the step down is miles shall I bring it together. For hits I got for pains it gave, somehow, I fall I found my way. Well I reached where the journey was started, imbibe me the outrages of passage. Compelled myself with reasons i find thought it would be the storm that shall have broken the rhyme. Yes, the rhyme – we named the rope…. because all we were planned is to bring it back in time.

Meet my friends the compelled me decide… Shall hug my friends to see them alive. I rushed to them with opened arms, and makes me stop the words of them “where were you? what took you so much time? We knew that it won’t be possible to make this time so we left and climbed back in no time. Thought for waiting for you but wasn’t so sure as it was the storm so we left for cure. Thought you shall make it but not an issue to sigh, try once again and you shall make it next time”. The compelled me turned baffled around, none did offer a chair they all enjoyed this time. And I was chunked hard for no reason I find, all it can be is the plans were changed. Standing no more I took fast steps and rushed to the rest room and looked over my face. The face was same and so was i… I took few days but sooner I realized- it was the priorities that has changed in times I was absent for some days and it walked without mine. For days long turned to months I remained there but none did pass my side. It was so strange to look upon the faces those which had smiles has now turned pale. Some said they moved some said life happened, but none do remember who stayed forever.

Riding with peoples talking to friends… those faces just vanished which talked for decades. The words changed the time changed the allies so changed…. And I remained alone where all I set.

first image everest(1)

So, all I decided to walk back to the ice… those peaks so high, gilded with snows and silences imbibed. I sat for long under the roofs of stones…. Curbed as so forming dooms in real. Now lesser we talk yet always we meet… but now it’s the snow which walks by my side…. The talks are formal, now the gags are changed… with “hii” and a “hello” where all it ends. I am turning mysterious I know this well…. Just the fact it is that now we aren’t together to portray the real. having something in me yet different I speak. Because it is not the time where anymore shall we meet. this is the place where i do belong, loving the way i made for now….happy for hours and have no audience, none to appreciate, none to battle. here i find me and no mirages of time, it’s all that swing is the snow  by me. expanding my arms now i hug it at times, at least it has no life no face of betrayal. Want not to shade my tears as we are always been taught yet shall tell you something which is so real – “quenching out of thirst and you brought me a glass of warm water, it’s that all I was thirsty and needed some water …. As you said it was your pleasure and tabled me so…. and i never knew it troubled you so. it wasn’t the water which all i meant it though. it was an excuse to look and stay”. Yet I thank you for all efforts you made, it was me who made the plea and you had no idea for the same. easing my thirst you relived me so, yet failed to ease the heart which felt.

walking along i reached my way….. stand high at the peak for the day…. looking down i find no traits, no human acquaintance no heart to pray…. yet you don’t bother as i don’t want the same… it’s already turned so heavy, else my shoulders have to pay.


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